Rebecca, Genova (IT)

Rebecca lives in Genova, the large port city of northern Italy. We chose to go there to meet her, discover the city and talk about our shared passion of beautiful bicycles.

Rebecca is 21 years old and is currently studying foreign languages and literature at university. Sheʼs very much into sports such as cycling, climbing and skiing. Full of energy and always smiling, she met us on the docks near the aquarium with her fixie bike and then showed us around some parts of her town.

We wandered around the small and charming streets of the old quaint Italian town, under the shadows of the centuries-old buildings and took a few pictures with Rebecca. She then guided us around a maze of alleys before we reached the Piazza de Ferrari, where we took our last photos, before ending this day with nice Italian  ice cream.

Discover a selection of pictures of our day in Genova with Rebecca here: